Sunday, April 16, 2017

S1E2: Our Ideal Dinner Parties

  • Our Ideal Dinner Parties
    • Chrystina: indoors, 6 people, one cop out course, no decorations.
    • Jessica: outdoors, +6 people, fire, live music, potluck, dessert cop out.
  • Our Dinner Party Rules
    • Chrystina: be super detailed on the invitation to tell your guests what to expect, what to bring, what to wear, and a general understanding of the menu - and don't forget to offer your guests a hot cup of tea before the night is out!
    • Jessica: make sure there's something for everyone, always have a salad course
  • How to keep the conversation going
  • Other things:
    • Chrystina only made it 16 days on the Whole30.
    • Jessica tells a story about Chauncy's blackout juice.
    • Jessica is answering questions about her baby shower.
    • Jessica got baby chicks.
    • Chrystina tries to figure out how to store tea.
    • Everyone's spring cleaning.
    • Sign up for Jessica's newsletter to get her cookbook.
  • Jessica’s Loving:
    • Organizing
  • Chrystina's Loving:
    • Reading: Strength Finders 2.0
    • Listening to: Ed Sheeran's new album
    • Watching: 30 Rock, Chef's Table
We would love to hear about your ideal dinner party in the comments below!

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