Friday, September 1, 2017

S1E7: Sunday Pancakes with Roaa

During Episode 07 of Gatherings Podcast we talk with Roaa Elgabrouny about hosting Sunday pancake parties. She's been hosting them for months, but it started long before then when she was inspired by her family's parties in Egypt. We learn a little bit about how parties in Egypt differ from those in the U.S., the strength that mothers have, and how hosting parties is all about the people.

More about Roaa: My name is Roaa elgabrouny. I am an Egyptian international student at Drexel University. I am an avid globe wanderer, a rent-less nomad at heart, and a committed pacifist with strong humanitarian views. I believe in the power of knowledge. Knowing is the only irreversible act: you can love then hate, but you can never know then un-know. Nothing makes me more excited in life than meeting a new person. It’s the most enjoyable experience and it is what I live for. My goal is to meet as many humans around the world from different backgrounds, as I believe that this is the best way to grow my personality and open my mind. I see humanity as a piece of art where every single dot of paint is equally important for the entire picture. Everything and everyone is interconnected through an invisible web of stories. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all in a silent conversation.

So it's super clear to see why we interviewed her for this episode - a true party planner and people person.
  • Meet Roaa
    • Background
    • How she got interested in hosting parties
    • Sunday pancakes
  • Differences between Parties in Egypt and Parties in the U.S.
    • Favorite foods
  • Pancake Breakfasts
    • How to prepare
    • Handling other people in the kitchen
    • Keeping food warm
    • Egyptian breakfasts
  • Advice for Beginner Party Hosts
    • Know your goals
    • Decide the location
    • Determine the atmosphere
    • Making it feel like home
    • Wash dishes right away
    • Keep it simple
    • You can never make everyone happy
  • What are you planning right now?
    • Chrystina: The Blog Connect 2018
    • Roaa: YouTube Channel
    • Jessica: Family Vacation & Baby
  • What's going on in your kitchen?
    • Jessica: Herbs
    • Roaa: Quinoa 
    • Chrystina: Trying to use all the food
  • How are you staying in touch?
    • Chrystina: Coffee & breakfast dates
    • Roaa: Celebrating Eid & first Sunday pancakes after Ramadan
    • Jessica: Inviting people over
  • What are you into right now?
    • Jessica: Automatic chicken door
    • Roaa: Traveling
    • Chrystina: Spring cleaning
  • Find us online:
We loved (and love) the idea of this Sunday pancake breakfast. It's such a simple way to get started - especially if you remind yourself that it's about the people, not the food. Let us know if you host one of your own!

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