Wednesday, April 4, 2018

S2E3: 10 Overlooked Last Minute Party Items with Madeline from Where Is This Damn Corkscrew

Y'all are in for a treat today. In Season 2, Episode 3 of Gatherings Podcast we sat down with Madeline from Where is the Damn Corkscrew about 10 overlooked party to-dos and went over her handy last minute party checklist. We each shared our own stories about times that things went well (and not so well) in each of these areas, and we're so excited to be sharing the list with you today!

If you are interested in downloading Madeline's freebie, make sure to sign up for her VIP list here.

Madeline is the founder and hostess-in-chief over at Where Is The Damn Corkscrew. She's a checklist champion, recovering people-pleaser, reformed perfectionist, and self-identified ambivert (half introvert, half extrovert). She spent years struggling with awkwardness, disorganization, and psychological barriers when hosting and attending parties and events. Despite those challenges she forged ahead into the abyss anyway, organizing and attending and professionally staffing events left and right, because she loves sharing quality time with friends and family. The struggle was worth it, event planning is now as natural as breathing, and she teaches her Sane Party Planning system over at Where Is The Damn Corkscrew to help ordinary people plan extraordinary parties and events in their personal lives - with sanity and budget intact.
  • Meet Madeline
  • General Awkwardness
  • 10 Overlooked Last Minute Party Items
    • To get a copy of the full list, sign up for Madeline's VIP list
    • Your job as a host is to make your guests not feel like an idiot
  • What are you planning right now?
    • Jess: Summer planning
    • Madeline: Bachelorette Party
    • Chrystina: Murder Mystery Party
  • What's going on in your kitchen?
    • Chrystina: Running out of everything
    • Madeline: Bread baking!
    • Jess: Bread and using green things!
  • How are you staying in touch?
    • Jess: Girls day party, high school friends, and making new mom friends
    • Madeline: One on one girl time via the buddy system
    • Chrystina: Tribe emails
  • What are you into right now?
    • Chrystina: Getting rid of things, no spend March (The Year of Less)
    • Madeline: Fountain pen notebooks
    • Jess: Books on getting your baby to sleep
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