Thursday, November 1, 2018

S2E10: Kids Parties and Kids at Parties with Instafather Andy

Episode 10 is all about the kids. We spent some time chatting with Andy Shaw of  about hosting kids parties, hosting a kid at an adult party, bringing kids to parties and more. In this episode, there are a lot of great little tips for navigating the waters with little ones, whether they are yours or not. 

·         Meet Andy Shaw
o   How Chrystina + Andy met
o   Andy's Day Job + His improv comedy  
·         Kid smoothie recipes (we got a little side tracked)
·         Jess’ questions from a parents perspective
o   Bounce House, Actors & Extras vs old fashioned playtime
o   Don’t set your kid up for failure
o   Thoughts on Nap times
o   Gift Opening at parties
o   Buying gifts for kids
o   Throwing parties at facilities vs home
o   Thoughts on decorations
o   Food, dietary restrictions and more
o   When do parents stop coming?
·         Chrystina’s questions from a non-parent perspective
o   How long are kids parties?
o   Making small talk with children
o   Getting comfortable with inviting kids to your home
o   Is babyproofing necessary?
o   Andy’s Guest Post on Chrystina’s Blog
o   Snacks for kids to have on hand
·         What are you planning right now?
·         How are you staying in touch?
·         What are you into right now?
Find him online:
·         Twitter
·         Instagram

If you have any more tips or questions about throwing kids parties please get in touch with us!

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