The Gatherings Podcast is a podcast where Jessica and Chrystina talk about party hosting from the point of view of two female engineers. While we appreciate the beauty of a well-curated tablescape and will gladly Instagram a dessert table full of mini doughnuts, we have found in our own party planning experience that we like to keep things simple.

Jessica is the spontaneous one - and the cook. She and her husband live together in a house in upstate New York and she's known to host parties at just a moment's notice. Utilizing her garden, freezer stocked with leftovers and packed with meat, and soon to be chicken coop, she has all the ingredients for the perfect party ready at a moment's notice. You can follow her adventures at Sweet Love & Ginger.

She blogs about her gardens, fitness activities, crafts, beading, books, dinner parties, outdoor adventures - and of course, recipes and food. She loves her dog, Brody, hot tea, wine, cozy sweaters, roaring fires, and wild flowers. You can learn more about Jessica here.

Chrystina is the planner - and the baker. She lives in downtown Philadelphia in an 800 square foot row home. She prefers to plan out her parties weeks in advance, send formal invitations (well, at least an email), and go shopping a week ahead of time. You can follow her adventures at Chrystina Noel.

She blogs about hosting parties, handmade greeting cards, and how to stay in touch. She loves bubble tea, masala chai, sitcoms, Disney, and Broadway musicals. When she's not hosting you can find her blogging, singing, watching television - or most likely, planning the next event. You can learn more about Chrystina here.

One thing these ladies definitely have in common is their love of bringing people together. After all, isn't that what party planning is all about?

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